12 best vitamins for hair: selection of stars, bloggers and doctors.

To aki vitamins help stop the hair loss, which should be contained in growth preparations and what to give preference to recover after winter? Bloggers, stars and doctors share their secrets.

Aida Hajiyev.

Aesthetic medicine doctor (@aidacosm)

Alas, but today the topic of hair loss and deterioration of their health is relevant. This occurs for many reasons: poor ecology, frequent staining, improper nutrition, lack of micro, macroelements, vitamins. First you need to establish the cause and only then assign treatment!

As prevention, I can recommend the vitamins of the German company Bayer. The complex is called & laquo; priorine & raquo;. Stunning composition! Contain milking extract, milking oil milking, pantothenic acid, L-cystin, as one of the best antioxidants.

I tried myself and was satisfied with the result. After receiving the course & laquo; Priorina & raquo; Hair problems should disappear.

Victoria Goncharuk.

Dermotokostologist (@ Dr.Viktoria_13_)

Biotin (vitamin B7, coenzyme R) & ndash; & laquo; Vitamin beauty & raquo;. It includes zinc, sulfur and calcium, necessary for hair health, skin, nails. Biotin takes part in the synthesis of keratin, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, maintaining the normal level of glucose in the blood and the process of hemoglobin formation. It is also implemented as a separate drug, and as part of complexes for hair restoration.

For example, it is present among the ingredients in the lotion to stimulate growth and reduce DSD hair loss (Dixidox de Luxe Forte, Simone) in the form of ampoules. Of the additional active substances: nettle extract, panthenol, menthol, caffeine, cayenne pepper extract and other components that improve peripheral blood circulation & raquo;

Jeanne Badoeva.

TV presenter (@zhanna_badoeva)

Recently, I loved the means of the Italian brand Kaaral. Vitamins that need to be taken inside, he does not have. But there are excellent ampoules with a vitamin and mineral complex in the composition. KAARAL PURIFY REALE RESTRUCTURE nourishes follicles, providing them with everything necessary for normal hair growth and rod recovery. Key component & ndash; Patented formula based on provitamin B5, which has an excellent moisturizing effect.

Already after the first ampoule, the result is noticeable: the hair is more elastic and volumetric roots. Course from 10 small & laquo; bottles & raquo; Nobody hurts after winter frosts. uk

Sofia Nikitchuk.

Actress. Model. Miss Russia 2015 (@nikitchuksofi)

According to polls, the National Center for Health Statistics The drug omega-3 is recognized as the most commonly used. Not surprising & ndash; Regular reception makes skin velvety, nails strong, hair shiny. Omega-3 has a strengthening, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunodefactory effect.

The hair falls down less, combed easier, look healthy and not fastened.

For daily care I use masks with vitamin B6 as part of & ndash; Restores the structure and gives the volume from the roots. B12 prevents the appearance of gray hair & ndash; It is also looking for in the label. I love oils.

Linen and coconut, for example, can be used as a mask to give smoothness, for nutritional bulbs. I believe that the vitamin complexes must select a specialist & ndash; Only so you can count on an excellent result.

Alena Lapina.

Standard Beauty Salon Art Up (@LapinamakeUp)

My choice & ndash; Phyto vitamins from phytophaner. The course of their reception is designed for 2 months. This is enough so that the hair began to grow faster, and in the whole head appeared & laquo; undercoat & raquo; & ndash; Sleeping hair follicles were activated. What is just not in the composition of these useful brown dragees: wheat germs oil, fish oil, gamma-linolenic acid, sea gelatin, glycerin, bug oil and other useful ingredients.

Hair is really growing faster: Length increases by about 2.5 centimeters per month.

Lera Tumanova.

Singer (@leratumanova)

& laquo; I am not limited to one complex & ndash; Always combine the reception of several drugs. For hair, I can recommend Calcium Citrate with vitamin D3, Solgar. The additive has a positive effect on the bones, teeth, hair.

As part of & ndash; Calcium in an easy-minded form, vitamin D3, which promotes its proper distribution in bone tissue.

Chelated Copper, Solgar & Ndash; Copper in easy to assimilate the organism form (copper + glycine). In this form, it is absorbed by 90-95%. No effect on hair growth This drug does not (basic function & ndash; stimulation of the immune and muscular system, participation in collagen synthesis).

But Chelated Copper & Ndash; Good prevention of early seeds (this is the first sign of the lack of copper in the body). So, this biologically active supplement will not be exactly.

Lolita Osmanova.

Blider, Founder Lola Beauty Club (@lol

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