2007 Nissan Armada LE Specifications, colors, 0-60, 0-100, Quarter resistance and overview of the maximum speed.

2007 Nissan Armada Le is the 4-Wheel Drive Sport Utility. Accommodates up to 7 passengers. It has the door 4 and drives the engine 5.6L V8 DOHC 32-Valve with a power of 317 HP @ 5200 RPM, working in a pair with a gearbox 5 Spehedd Automatic Transmission with Tow / Haul Mode. 2007 Nissan Armada LE has a load capacity of 566 liters and weighs 2522 kg .. As for the help of driving, 2007 Nissan Armada LE has a stabilization system and an anti-slip system in addition to the anti-lock brake system (ABS). The car has an additional engine, and also offers a car REAR PARKING ASSIST and REARVIEW CAMERA.

Security features also include Driver Side Front Airbag and Passenger Side Front Airbag. Front suspension – Front Independent Suspension, and rear – Rear Independent Suspension. The car is also equipped with Yes, it has 18 ” “Alloy Wheels as standard. Electronic functions include cruise control.

For convenience, electric windows and electrical door locks are installed. There is also a function of remote access without key. In addition, there is a car. On the steering wheel there are audio control buttons. From the point of view of performance, the car has a torque of 346 nm and the maximum speed of 250 km / h. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h for 8 and reaches a quarter mile for 14.3 seconds .. fuel consumption 17.9 l / 100km in the city and 12l / 100km on the highway.

Machine price from $ 61,798.10 best books about love: a brief overview of modern novels that it is worth reading.

The review presents the 10 most popular modern love romance. After analyzing the opinions and reviews of readers of modern literature, it can be concluded that the books about love did not go anywhere and enjoy great popularity.

1. “50 shades of gray” ts w

2. “Girl online”

On the 2nd place a love romance, one of the best British writer Zoe Sagg “Girl Online” 2014 release. The book exceeded the most bold expectations, and accounted for in taste to a large number of connoisseurs of modern novels. & # 8220; Girl online & # 8221; & # 8211; This is the story of 15-year-old Potnie Porter, running away from reality with his blog on the Internet. Randomly be in a big city, she meets the young guy Noah, life with which is changing radically.

The unpredictable finale will not leave indifferent even the most demanding reader.

3. “See you with you”

3 place is occupied by the book of Jodgio Moys “See you with you” 2013 release. Roman has been translated in more than 30 world languages. After the release of the book, due to the great demand and popularity, an adaption of wide screens appeared. The story unfolds around the girl Lou Clark, which loses the work of the waitress, and breaks up with his boyfriend. But, after the black strip, Belaya is necessarily coming, and Lu meets a great guy, despite his disabilities and the desire of suicide, penetrates feelings.

What finale will overtake this story, you can only learn to read the novel to the end, the reviews about which only positive emotions with tears in the eyes leave.

4. “Ring”

4th place, according to many readers, occupies a love romance “Ring”. Author Mary Cammings issued it in 2013 and thanks to the unobtrusive and original manner of writing gained great popularity among lovers of novels. A book about the love of a businessman to a simple girl, the events of their love story are very captured by their unpredictability.

Roman rightfully can be called one of the best, because every woman loves happy finals.

5. “One plus one”

5 The ranking is again occupied by one of the most popular writers of Jodjo Moys with its work “one plus one”. The book was published in 2014 and immediately fell in love with millions of readers. The story unfolds around the mother of two children Jess Thomas, which the husband threw.

A woman sinks in whirlpool problems, material, first of all. But, as they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped, he meets Ed Nichols, a millionaire with a great fortune, the former wife of which he wants to sue everything after the divorce. A man gladly helps to solve the problems of Jess, and she, in turn, supports him morally and does not give to the Spirit. With all this problem, the book reads easily and quickly carries.

The book leaves a strange aftertaste & # 8211; It wonderfully combines dynamism and ease.

6. “After”

6 Place is the love romance “after”. Anna Todd wrote it in 2015. The book reviews are quite contradictory, but based on the fact that Roman has read more than 8 million people, it is possible to draw conclusions that Anna Todd did not in vain in his soul.

The plot is developing around an exemplary and ambitious college student Testa. Life goes measured and monotonous, but soon radically changes when she meets the bold guy Hardin, which does not have a good attitude towards the main heroine of the novel. Here your attention is provided with a twisted love plot, and unpredictable events.

7. “If you knew & # 8230;”

7 place occupies the book Elchin Safarly “If you knew & # 8230;”, published in 2012. The novel is impressive simplicity and incompleteness of the plot, has a deep psychological promise. The book contains only positive emotions and vivid impressions. Our main heroine named the North due to the disease moves to a small city in order to calmly live the last months of his life. But the events add up quite differently.

This novel about love that can give hope for a happy future. The book really touches the soul, first of all, those who came across a betrayal in life, helps to let go of the pain, offense and start living with a clean leaf.

8. “Wonderful Link”

8th place is occupied by the book of Christina Lauren “Beautiful Syllary” of 2013 release. The book won great popularity among connoisseurs of such a genre. The effect of the novel unfolds around Chloe Mills, which is arranged for a new job and her boss, egoistics

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