6 best producers of car cooling radiators.

The cooling radiator is used to maintain the optimum temperature in the car engine. Consider the best manufacturers of cooling radiators for your car.


The best cooling radiators manufacturers.

Among the manufacturers there are several companies that produce radiators with good indicators. 6 brands differ in each other by characteristics and basic parameters. Pros and minuses, according to reviews, indicate the features of each type of product.


The Japanese concern DENSO was founded back in 1949, but its products have gained popularity only in 1996. Now the corporation releases automotive components for various brands. Enterprises of the company are in 23 countries.

The main sector of the company is expected by car products, but the range includes a number of directions.

Types of products:

Monolithic aluminum radiators with polymer frame. Tubular radiators for special equipment. Special diard models for sports cars.

The difference between the company and its spare parts for the car, consider the similarity of the parts, as they are supplied for the conveyor assembly. This moment gives to replace defective and damaged elements on the relatives. An example will be the replacement of the cooling radiator on Japanese machines.

Implementation of international standards. High quality that gives to cope with critical temperatures. Advanced metal composition with high heat transfer.

Reduced overall dimensions and weight.

High price. The radiator requires the use of the recommended fluid, since in the opposite case the functioning becomes worse.


The Sakura brand belongs to the major ADR Group, which is engaged in primary and secondary car components.

Sakura refers to the segment of the car consumables and radiators. Products are made for cars of the Japanese and Korean assembly.

Types of products:

Sport radiators with increased power. Native aluminum monolithic and lamellar radiators for cars produced in Korea or Japan. Radiators for special equipment and trucks.

The company’s products enters the average price segment and has good indicators for price-quality ratio.

Native details for cars. Acceptable price. Compliance with international standards, including ISO 9000, ISO 9001.

A large number of fakes, which causes to check the goods, including for the presence of two-color printing. Insufficient protection against corrosion.


The products of the German brand Stellox refers to component details on cargo and passenger cars. The company appeared on the market after launching at ATH & AMP; S GmbH production lines. Now the company cooperates with proven spare parts manufacturers.

Among them, TRW, MOOG, as well as Magneti Marelli.

Spare parts are distinguished by a low price and are produced for various car brands.

Types of products:

Copper-brass radiators for a number of car brands. Monolithic and tubular aluminum radiators for cargo or special equipment. Standard aluminum radiators of monolithic type.

A budget option. A large range of equipment and spare parts for various brands. Verified quality that meets the requirements of auto manufacturers.

Availability. printing

The Dutch company AVA differs from other manufacturers of increased reliability. Production facilities with the manufacture of components for the cooling system of the car are located in European countries, including in Germany.

The range is divided into the original and secondary line. Regardless of the type of products, products refer to the average price segment.

Types of products:

Brass, copper and aluminum models of radiators in various price segments. Monolithic and tubular radiators for conveyor production. Plate radiators made of aluminum for special equipment.

Production is subordinate to European product quality regulations.

Low price. There are radiators from different metals. Big choice. Original and secondary parts are almost no different.

There are no complaints of thermal conductivity.

Some radiators models have a defect in the joints, which leads to the flow. Exposure to wear with permanent operation of the car. Requires only coolers prescribed for it.

Behr Hella.

BEHR HELLA is one of the major European manufacturers with the range of products for the cooling system. The brand belongs to the major association of HELLA, which includes the leaders in the automotive components. Distinctive features are considered reliability and quality

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