Adapter PCMCIA Reviews.

PCMCIA Adapters are used to connect external devices to computers equipped with the port of the same name. Slots for installing adapters are equipped, mainly laptops. Devices are made in size slot: 54 mm wide and at least 85.6 mm long.

Adapters for connecting are available: • memory cards, including SmartMedia flash cards; • devices running through COM ports; • Network cards with Wi-Fi communication channel for organizing wireless computer networks, • devices (hard drives) that have access to the SATA connector.

PCMI adapters, except laptops, are used in smart TVs. One of the possible applications is the connection of smart cards that resolve the television receiver access to cable television channels. hard drives

Adapters are easily installed in the slot. External modules are joined without any problems. They do not require external food.

Such adapters are used in all computing and multimedia devices equipped with PCMCIA port.

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