All owner reviews about Mercedes-Benz SLK-klasse R171.

All owner reviews about Mercedes-Benz SLK-klasse R171.

Having driven cars with more voracious engines and a length of about 5 meters, the slk seemed to me a selfish-practical and economical car for predictable trips. Well, this is provided that there is another car at hand, full-fledged, so to speak. For buying slk as the only car, a normal person will squeeze himself into an abnormal frame)

The car is 2-seater. For long trips, it is not provided very well, here the seats are heavy, and, for example, the absence of cup holders (I never thought that I would need them), and the roads will not allow)))

Exterior Driving performance (good road) Reliability.

Salon missing:

— places where to throw the bag (there is on sl)

— back travel (for long legs and height over 185))

Our roads))

Review of Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor (Mercedes ES-L-Kay) 2004.

To understand my feelings from SLK, it is necessary to indicate what I drove and I drive — at the moment I move on a BMW 525 E 60 2008 onwards, also had 745 E65, Passat 2006 onwards, Pajero 3 and 4, Audi A6 1999 onwards, and a little more, in general, I moved on versatile machines , incl. and all vases. Yes, by the way, the 6th season I ride a motorcycle, now SUZUKI 750 2008, 100 — 2.7 sec, 200 — 7.5 seconds, so I probably have a complete idea of ​​the true dynamics, comfort and its absence. When buying, I chose from Z4 and Audi TT. convertible awkward and strange (in- and exterior). The Z4 lineup for the summer of 2008 was already at sunset, potentially buying «old» the body was not wanted; There was no TT in the new body of cabriots yet. And if we talk about the comfort of this class of cars, then «Mercedes» softer.

Spend about 100 t. $ On a new SLK — was too reckless (the price of the new LC 200 just in case), the toy would have turned out to be pointlessly expensive to your loved one. So I was looking for a used one, albeit more expensive, but with low mileage. That’s how I got this «pelvis».

The color is silver with a sky-blue tint, so the klikuha stuck «Gay Mobile». I — second owner, originally sold at the office. dealer in the Russian Federation, leather, automatic transmission, seat memory, xenon, 16 discs, multifunction, etc., close to the maximum.

This vehicle (SLK) — the second and only such it should be. Driving SLK in the city with «traffic jams», frequent entrances and exits for more than two days — already torture and does not cause any positive emotions either with a roof or without. The car is tough, bumps, pits does not tolerate well, breaking through the shock absorber is as easy as shelling pears.

But you get tired not even of this, but of the constant tension caused by bypassing hatches, bumps, pits. Although driving on a good road is more than easy and comfortable, yes, a car was created in Europe and for Europe. By the way, in one of the car programs, European observers tested the car, and they say — «and now a section of a bad road» and they drove along the cobblestones and groaned as their car was not easy.

This is their idea of ​​bad roads, you can envy, we have a bad road — where there are pits on a half-wheel. So by European standards, the SLK is very comfortable on a bad road..

Inside the car is spacious (my height.

180 cm, weight 72 kg), went with friends of my build and even taller than me, everyone was placed in the front seat without any problems. But a friend is shorter, but thicker (weight about 110 kg) barely climbed and climbed — the seats are low, the sills are high. It’s strange why a gay mobile… It makes no sense to write about the quality of materials, because how can you describe the standard? Leather, plastic, buttons, efforts on them and control levers — everything is calibrated, soft, you want to press the buttons, there is no cheap sound and no annoying clicks.

Seats hold tight, sides, pelvis, lower back — everything is tight «fortified» in «saddle», do not slip on the skin. The seat adjustment range is above a reasonable optimum, so everyone from skinny to moderately well-fed can tune in. Behind the seats there is a small space with a net, you can store it and will not hang out, there is a large box in the armrest, between the backrests the vertical box is slightly less deep. In general, there is a place to put some things in the salon.

Well, if it’s about things, then the trunk also allows you to remove a lot of things, the protrusions on the floor are only 2-3 cm each, consider an even box, a closed protective screen and a folded roof do not take up much space, but at the same time the trunk is accessed through a small gap.

You will be the hit of the season.

The season is too short.

Review of Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor (Mercedes ES-L-Kay) 2005.

I want to tell you about my car, Mercedes SLK 2 liters

, compressor, American. Manual transmission 6, climate, leather interior, stabilization system. There is a navigation system (it does not work for us), heated windows and mirrors (not superfluous in our winters).

Before that there was a 5th chord, a Mazda 6, a Volvo S60, there were never any Mercedes, I didn’t even drive.

I got the car by accident, whether you like it or not, but I won it in proferance. I wanted to sell it first, but the car turned out to be in acceptable condition, only I had to squeeze the shock absorbers and pads, well, oil, candles, the previous owner began to gradually kill the car, but fortunately did not have time.

The sensations of driving it with an open top are difficult to convey, if not for the dirt on the road, the interior is black and the dust is not visible at first, but then suddenly you notice a whole layer of dust on yourself and everyone in the cabin, in the suburbs it is a little better. The roof folds in 20 seconds. From what I don’t like: the navigation system does not work, you have to drive with your own, the American radio grid is very different from ours.

I like everything else: although the car turned out to be low, the roadster is nevertheless quite compact and in the city it is convenient, more convenient than a Volvo; excellent dynamics and if you do not heat, then the consumption in the city does not exceed 10 liters, pour 95; about the dynamics, the numbers of the box are matched perfectly, in 4th gear you can go at least 80-160 km / h, I never switched to 6th.

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