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Fortified murano.

Enriched Murano. I ended the first part of the story about the test drive of the long-awaited (for myself) Nissan Murano with the thought that the car came out not quite what it seemed in absentia. But that’s okay: expectations tend to diverge from reality literally … always. And, since reality is a rather clumsy […]


An electronic complex designed for programming all protective electronic systems of the car. In addition to the main task, the programmer can be used as a universal diagnostic scanner. When developing the control firmware, all the needs and wishes of users working in this area were taken into account. Use Read completely 48000 RUR An […]

Cinnamon sticks (cassia)

Cinnamon in cassia sticks is a type of spice that is not inferior to Ceylon cinnamon in useful taste and rich aromatic qualities, but it costs several times cheaper. Cinnamon of this species grows in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia. Due to its affordable cost, today cassia is very popular not only in the […]

Docking Station for iPod Monitor Audio i-Deck 200 Review. WHAT HI-FI?

Docking Station for iPod Monitor Audio i-Deck 200 Review. WHAT HI-FI? In essence, the i-deck 200 is just a docking station with speakers for iPod and iPhone: no iPad support, no wireless connection, and even no USB port for charging other devices. Extras include only a 3.5mm input and a nicely rounded remote control. Two […]

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The question arose of buying a car after a smashed Mitsubishi, money was “not much”, I was looking at VAZs as a sinful thing, but then I got a Chrysler Neon, a green one, with a gun, working air conditioner and in good condition. I looked at the lift, it was necessary to change the […]

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Congratulations sincerely! Your proposal and engagement ring have been accepted by the happy bride and there is a lot of pleasant experiences ahead of the upcoming wedding, you need to choose and buy wedding rings, organize the celebration itself and fly away on your honeymoon to the coast. wedding rings No, you heard right, you […]