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Review of 65-inch TV Samsung QN90A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV 2021 (QE65QN90AAUXRU)

The design is strict, there are no decorative elements, mainly black (sand black in the manufacturer’s terminology) and gray (black titanium) are used. The TV looks neat from both the front and back. The screen has no frames, in the sense that on its monolithic surface there are no overlaid elements that protrude forward beyond […]

Nissan Sentra owner reviews: all the disadvantages, disadvantages, advantages.

Clutch pedal master cylinder. Made from plastic. At 130,000, the plastic mount just broke off. I tied it to the pedal with scotch tape and drove. I bought the original. About 4000 rubles. Washer nozzles. If freeze fail. The cost is 300 rubles. Changed 3 times. At 80,000, the stove fan motor is out of […]

Royal jelly.

Since ancient times, people have wondered how the queen bee differs from the worker bees. It is larger and has a unique ability to lay up to two thousand eggs per day. Although they were born from similar eggs. Only scientific research on the organization of the bee hive and the life of bees helped […]

The best Blu-ray players: tips for choosing, models, prices.

No matter how hard the creators of the Blu-ray format have tried to protect their creation from possible copying and distribution over the Internet, file hosting services around the world are full of compressed and uncompressed copies of high-definition discs. But no matter how many PC users and media players predict the imminent oblivion of […]

Description. Natural Oil Cod Liver Oil from Hemani 30 ml, United Arab Emirates. A unique product for the health of skin and hair. Cod Liver Arabic Oil is a proven remedy for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. A popular source of vitamins A and D, it has a healing effect. Odorless and without aftertaste. Properties: strengthens the delicate area around the eyes, rejuvenates the skin, renews cell structure, maintains skin, hair and nails in good condition, reduces inflammation, normalizes sleep, your skin will look healthy, improves blood circulation, reduces acne, brightens acne marks, eliminates flaking … Cosmetologists recommend trying more oil from usma and black cumin. Application: apply a couple of drops to the desired area, distribute over it. The product is quickly absorbed and leaves no film. Cod liver oil oil and other cosmetics from Hemani can be bought in our online store, as well as read reviews and product descriptions.Thai anti-cellulite slimming soap (30g)

Thai anti-cellulite soap for slimming, tightening the abdomen and firming the skin from the joint Thai-American project K.Brothers. Anti-cellulite soap for slimming, tightening and firming the skin is recommended for the care of problem areas on the waist, hips, buttocks. When using slimming soap, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are stimulated, thereby gradually reducing the […]

Book Reviews

A 2-year-old child is very interested in looking at a book! I like the book myself, but the pictures are still not for everybody. There are a lot of blurry details, you have to peer into some pictures in order to really understand what is drawn on it. Incredibly beautiful illustrations. As if alive. My […]

Marketing books. Top 3.

In this article, I will highlight three popular marketing books recently published in English. If you don’t know English, but want to read these books in Russian, you can, for example, use the online book translation service. In the context of the rapidly evolving IT sector, this book focuses on how gamification affects consumer engagement […]