Auto-scuba Esmart for cottage villages and townhouses.

Please read the latest new items! Ver 2.3.x. An opportunity to apply the ESMART Neo smart card reader, ensuring the control of the electronic lock of the wicket, open the gate or barrier.

By the way, the Esmart Neo smart card reader is an excellent alternative to the opening button of the barrier if you replace the usual button on Esmart Neo, then each fact of the opening of the barrier guard will be reflected in the event log. Ver 2.2.x. There appeared the opportunity to send SMS messages automatically, a few days before locking the passage of the car, for example, for 3 days and / or 5 days.

Notification text Customizable. For example, & quot; Automatic access for Volvo XC90 will be closed after 3 days. Please pay contributions to providing operational services & quot;.

Ver 2.2.x. There appeared the possibility of group distribution SMS messages. For example, & quot; Dear residents of the village, 07/25/2018 A meeting will be held. Agenda – Improvement of the territory & quot;. Ver 2.1.x.

A calendar appeared, according to which the car access is blocked at the end of the specified period. It should be noted that after all, the goal of the auto-school complex is not to limit the passage of the resident, even in case of non-payment of contributions, but to remind him of the timeliness of payment, because operational services are the provision of comfort and favorable conditions for residents. Ver 1.5.x. “ARTS operator” appeared & quot; which provides the ability to start & quot; Car Card & Quot; and / or & quot; a resident card & quot; With the information about the owner, the auto model, it is also possible to leave the mark in the comments.

All operator actions are automatically recorded in the historical log of events.

For your convenience, we have created several system modifications. Summary table with modifications.

We also created a small video explaining the main nuances and the general princes of the ESMART auto-scois system.

The RFID system includes:

RFID Equipment (RFID reader and antenna kit) for automation of car access to controlled territory & quot; Auto-Skud & quot; System administration software (with the possibility of remote access via a web browser) SDK / API to integrate in third-party information systems Test set of RFID labels for a quick start and for debugging purposes (labels are entered into the system) Integration with existing SCSB over the Wiegand interface ( 26/34) with the possibility of registering the direction of travel.

The system is great for automating car access to the territory of cottage settlements. Without morning and evening congestion at the barriers! The principle of the system is that each car is equipped with a specialized radio frequency label containing an electronic chip. The most common type of labels is a sticker on the windshield of the car. The second prevalence is a map that has the size of the usual banking.

Depending on the system settings, the desires of the customer and the PPC configuration, the label can be determined on the entrance, from a distance of 15 meters. When the label is detected, the system checks the rights of access to the territory, the barrier is raised by the scan, or the gate open, which are equipped with automatic drives. You can control practically any barriers or drivers of swing or roll back gate.

For your convenience, we have formed several sets of equipment that differ, including on the budget. You can get acquainted with the variations in the section of the catalog & quot; Car travel control systems & quot;

An example of installation – organization of automatic checkpoint.

An example of installation is the organization of travel to the territory of the site. Managing the rollback gates that are equipped with an automatic drive.

An example of installation is the use of a wall reader in a cooling with an Esmart auto-scuba to open a sliding gate.

About RFID labels. townhouse

Figure 2. Mounting the label on the windshield of the car.

Scope of application.

The ESMART UHF Auto-SCS system can be applied on various objects where it is required to ensure control of barriers, retractable or swollen gates equipped with automatic drives. This equipment is great for working in cottage settlements or in small manufacturing enterprises.

To possible areas of application

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