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A 2-year-old child is very interested in looking at a book! I like the book myself, but the pictures are still not for everybody. There are a lot of blurry details, you have to peer into some pictures in order to really understand what is drawn on it.

Incredibly beautiful illustrations. As if alive. My daughter and I really liked the book.

A really beautiful book about animals ?? relatively large, animals are similar to themselves) good book ?? book in poetic form.

I would say that the title of the book very accurately reflects its essence – this is exactly the Beautiful book about animals. I agree that the illustrations for the book are beautiful, colorful, natural and diverse. But illustrations are perhaps the main advantage of the book, behind which the text became a sad revelation for me. The poems in many places are awkward, somewhat absurd; images and comparisons, metaphors are difficult for a child to perceive, poetry as a result does not carry for the most part any artistic value or semantic load. Therefore, the book for me personally will not become a regular on the children’s bookshelf, I understand that for sure.

Reading such a text to children is not interesting, leafing through the pictures – and that’s all. But you want to get more from the book. Still, this is not an album with illustrations, the semantic content is no less important, in my opinion.

And here it disappointed.

The book justifies the title, very beautiful, bright, colorful, but the texts leave much to be desired.

I have been looking closely at this book for a long time, but it always seemed to me that my child was no longer at that age (5 years old). So I decided to buy it as a gift. I proudly handed it to a two-year-old girl)) And who would have thought that my five-year-old child would arrange a debriefing for me that he would also like one.

Like this! As for the book itself, it is amazing! If I buy books with animals, then I try to choose such that the animals look like themselves in real life. Well, so that the hare is like a hare!

And the lion is like a lion! And not some, say, blue hare in overalls and a hat. So that’s okay in this book!

Also nice poems that are suitable for memorizing with a toddler.

A really beautiful book, realistic pictures, which attracted the attention of a 1.6 child, is constantly looking through. Great for kids to study wild animals, there are also insects in it! And, by the way, when a child takes this book, he necessarily grabs a basket with animals, finds a giraffe in the book first, then takes a giraffe’s toy and also with the rest.

It justifies its cost!

I subscribe to the positive reviews. The book is very good. Children definitely need this.

The illustrations are wonderful! Every page is a masterpiece!

This is something incredible! I buy many books on the maze, many are beautiful, but this book is beyond praise.

Each spread is a colorful picture, executed by various artistic techniques, which creates a separate, pleasant, tactful feeling.

Drawings are clear and vivid. You want to consider, study, savor them. iraf

The poems are simple, but informative at the same time. All to the point. It is important, especially for my non-musical ear, the poems are very melodic and easy to read!

And the book is HUGE. My daughter and I (and she is 1 year and 9 months old) in 4 sessions still can’t get to the end.

The book is amazing! Highly recommend! Even if your child is not yet used to reading, the pictures will surely grab his attention!

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