Buff and Mountains: Overview of the popular Mountain collection. What mountain peaks served as inspiration?

How many BUFF® accessories do you have? I probably will have more than a dozen. What for? Well, for example, so that you can always wear clean and fresh, even if I did not have time to wash. Or change depending on the mood.

All mine – they are different designs, colors and subjects, which allows you to comfortably feel in various kinds of society – in a bicycle car, the mountain community and even in the parties of Friki and Hippara.

BUFF® is an amazingly universal subject. Multifunctional convenient and elastic accessory is designed for year-round use. The perfect protection from the cold during any activity in the fresh air, such as cross-country and skiing, trekking, climbing, tourism, mountaineering, cycling or on a motorcycle. I rarely go out of the house, not putting on myself or not putting at least one in my pocket. And when I go to the mountains or in a bike, then I take two to three, so that at any time it is quick to get any of them from the pocket of a jacket or a backpack, not interrupted in confusion all things in search of one single.

Even for such as me, adherents of the style of Fast end-Light, which save extra grams using, for example, the easiest 25-gram gas burner and titanium dishes, this is not a luxury, but the ability to stay in the comfort zone under all weather conditions.

What are so good BUFF® bands?

On a sunny day, they protect their heads, forehead or back of the neck from overheating and burning. Thanks to the air-permeable and moisture properties of the material from which they are made, these accessories provide protection from cold, wind and create a comfortable microclimate in the neck and head area. Due to seamless technology, they do not rub and do not form extra folds. Multifunctionality – with all its simplicity, BUFF® is transformed into many options.

It can be worn as a hat, a bandage on the head, the handle, Balaklava; Mask from the sun and dust, hair band. In the event of an emergency in the mountains, it can even be used as a harness. A set of two Buff® accessories from the microfiber is one on his head, the other on the neck, – put on the bracket with each other like balaclava, completely replaces the rampage of the fleece.

At the same time weighs less, and protects against cold and winds as well.

Seamless multifunctional accessories are popular among all Outdorers – multisports, cyclists, climbers and tourists. For the latter, BUFF® even created a special “mountain” collection. backpack

Buff® Mountain Collection.

Mountains are a way to freedom and real adventure. Feel the magic aura of the most attractive peaks of the world with Buff® Mountain Collection.

Want to check how well you know the most famous peaks of the world? Try guessing the mountains in the Buff® Mountain Collection, and then check yourself, scrolling down before the description of these vertices.

1. Everest (MT Everest, 8848 m). Oh, yes, I think Everest learned everything. The highest peak in the world, the height of which every self-respecting climber knows how the multiplication table and be able to call it, being awakened among the night.

Everest – unaccepting the dream of many, and even if he remains a dream forever, then the Buff Mountain Collection Mount Everest accessory can become your travel star.

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