Cinnamon sticks (cassia)

Cinnamon in cassia sticks is a type of spice that is not inferior to Ceylon cinnamon in useful taste and rich aromatic qualities, but it costs several times cheaper. Cinnamon of this species grows in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia. Due to its affordable cost, today cassia is very popular not only in the ordinary life of people, cinnamon has also found application in cooking, cosmetology, dietetics, and medicine.

Cassia cinnamon sticks have visually recognizable differences from Ceylon ones. This is due to the way they are prepared. From cinnamon trees 7-9 years old, the entire bark (internal and external) is cut off and laid out to dry under the rays of the sun.

There she rolls up into tubes (rolls). Cassia cinnamon sticks have much thicker walls than Ceylon cinnamon sticks. They have much less curls, a pungent odor, a sweet-burning taste, and a dark reddish-brown hue.

Cassia cinnamon is more difficult to break and crush.

Cinnamon varieties in sticks.

Cassia in sticks is divided into four varieties:

ALBA is a luxury class. The product is made from cinnamon shoots. It is characterized by a pleasant rich aroma, sweetish taste. 5C-Continental – premium class.

Young trees are used, the product has a golden yellow color, sweetish taste. 4C-Continental – standard class. Coarse parts of the bark are used, the product has a yellowish color, sweetish taste.

5M-Mexicana – standard class. Made from rough tree bark, the product is brown-red in color with small specks, tastes more pungent than the standard 4C variety. coffee grinder

Cinnamon sticks: benefits and harms.

Many spice buyers are interested in what to do with cinnamon sticks. There are a lot of ways to use it. Moreover, if you need ground cinnamon, then experts recommend it to grind it in a coffee grinder or grind it in a mortar. In general, cinnamon has a beneficial effect on many organs and systems of the human body, for example:

removes excess fluid from the body; accelerates the release of bile; normalize blood sugar levels; normalize heart function, blood pressure; strengthens the tissues of bones and joints; helps men to maintain potency; normalizes the menstrual cycle in women, etc.

Cassia cinnamon sticks can be harmful if consumed more than 1 tsp. (ground) per day for an adult. Also, cinnamon is contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with poor blood clotting.

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