Garmin Drivesmart 55: Automobile Travel Again.

Do you often use navigation in the car? For many, the navigator has become an important part of the trips, be it a head unit in a car or smartphone. In a short ride of such navigation, it is enough, but what kind of device can you trust a journey into an unfamiliar city or even another country?

Just for long-distance travel and created Garmin DriveSmart 55, which can more than just indicate the route on the map. This is not only a navigator, but a full-fledged assistant-navigator, about the “chips” of which will go a story.

Navigator or guidebook?

We appreciate Garmin’s technique for the verified ecosystem and the wealth of additional features that are saturated with DriveSmart 55. In addition to the navigator function, it has an extensive directory of objects from Foursquare, work with a smartphone in speakerphone and many other “chips” is provided. Kudesniki from Garmin assembled the entire set for a traveler who does not require the Internet for traffic information, with control of gestures and voice, as in smartphones.

But let’s start with the configuration and appearance.

Garmin DriveSmart 55 comes in branded packaging with a basic set of useful accessories. There is an attachment on the windshield with a suction cup and a transition quick block, a short mini-USB cable and a solid network adapter in the cigarette lighter.

Design and location of elements. e cigarette

The rear surface of the device deserves the hotel story. The focus is attracted to the mounting device to the holder, reliable and quick. Speaker – as if from a portable column, loud as siren, and only a subwoofer is able to turn it off.

Mobile phones about this remains only to dream.

In addition, on the back there is a slot under the microSDXC memory card, where you can download maps from the Garmin store, as well as a large recessed power / lock key. The MINI-USB connector for nutrition looks outdated in the Type-C era. But the standard power adapter into the cigarette lighter is quite cunning, because it additionally plays the role of an antenna of the radio frequency channel broadcasting information about traffic jams – in Russia works well, but it is necessary to power the Garmin DriveSmart 55 from portable charging, through the usual mini-USB, and traffic data will have to Get from a smartphone using the Garmin Drive application on iOS or Android.

Installation and installation.

Select a comfortable place on the windshield easily: in the center of the base glass, between blowers. Next, you need to connect the power cord and mount to the navigator itself, then fix the suction cup. Thighters on the roads are not shifted by the device and per millimeter, and to remove the gadget from the attachment, it is sufficiently slightly click on the tongue of the quick-release retainer.

Bold from above or from below – there is no special difference, the main thing is not to place the device close to the front panel (torpedo), otherwise it will be not so convenient to remove Garmin DriveSmart 55 and simply.


Garmin DriveSmart 55 helped me again love specialized navigation devices for cars. It has a great 5.5 “TFT display with a resolution of 1280×720 points and a pleasant color reproduction. The picture is not inferior as many smartphones, and the range of brightness exceeds the best samples at the minimum and maximum value.

It is a pity that the automatic adjustment sensor is not provided.

Sensory control is capacitive, with support for multitouch gestures (a few touch at the same time). It is convenient when you can use all intuitive smartphones and tablets management skills, and the device management is implemented in the overall style of navigation headsets.

Menu, settings and control.

To enable, it is enough to connect charging and agree with the warning is not distracted from the road. Home screen offers to create a route or go to the map. This Here Maps is one of the oldest cartographic bases. There is no doubt about the details of the city infrastructure, the buildings are drawn three-dimensional contours, and everything is fine with the numbering.

Draws quickly, the 3D tilt is adjustable by vertically with two fingers, and to rotate the card, the screen must touch the screen with two fingers, and then one to move left / right. Traditional “pliers” can be quickly adjusted to the scale, and any single touch puts the label on the card.

Touching the label, you can open the menu of the editor with automatic route calculation and the ability to save the point as a quick access label. This is one of my favorite ways to create a route, but DriveSmart 55 has an extensive set of alternative methods. They are available in the “Where?” Tab On the home screen.

You can drive the address manually, voice, select among all previously saved points and destinations, and you can enter the coordinates, select the attractions from the Foursquare directory, or select the object of interest to categories from the catalog. For instance

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