Grohe Euroeco 32752000 kitchen faucet review.

The faucet is an integral part of the kitchen. The product has a non-standard appearance that attracts the attention of the buyer. Despite its attractiveness, it does not lag behind in quality and reliability. The product is manufactured in accordance with German standards. An ideal choice for any hostess.

The device is perfectly combined with all options for interior design, so there is no doubt about the aesthetic component. The chrome-plated mixer with a simple, unobtrusive design style has a quick assembly system. In the previous review, we looked at a similar product, only from the Hansgrohe brand with a pull-out spout. Model 31815000 is more expensive than the sample in question, but in terms of build quality and warranty period, it is in no way inferior to Hansgroe.

No kitchen is complete without a mixer. The German manufacturer guarantees high-quality assembly and durable operation of the product.

When unpacking, you can see:

The box is rectangular and looks very reliable and practical. On the side there is a sticker indicating the manufacturer’s brand. There is also a barcode and QR code of the product to verify the authenticity of the product.

When you open the package, you can see that each component of the kit is packed separately in a bag. It is important to note that there are cardboard inserts inside that reinforce the position of the mixer. This avoids mechanical damage to the product during transportation.

The manufacturer has made sure that the buyer can correctly and independently carry out the installation by placing the installation manual for the product.

The single-lever mixer, which is installed on the kitchen sink, has a metal lever. The German manufacturer has made sure that the product will last longer. The mixer spout is attached to a special protruding part of the device. It is due to this type of fastener that the product has an original appearance. It may seem to some that such an innovation is impractical and unacceptable.

However, the product on the market has passed the necessary test checks that indicate effective use. Carving, curved contours are made with filigree precision. The magnificent chrome color of the product makes it versatile from a stylistic point of view.

The height is 332 mm. It has a swivel tubular spout. The turning radius is presented in three options: 0, 150, 360 degrees.

A faucet with a spout length of 223 mm is considered the best option for a kitchen sink. The permissible distance from the edge of the tap is calculated in such a way that it will be convenient for the user to wash dishes, fruits, vegetables, and the like. Every hostess will want to try the device in action.

The shape of the spout is hooked and has smooth transition lines. The smooth surface of the mixer gives it a glossy sheen.

The mixer has a flexible connection, an aerator. A feature of the device is the fast assembly system. That is, the installation of a mixer is available even for a beginner. At the tip of the spout there is an insert – an aerator that filters the water and makes the stream even.

The chrome-plated surface of Grohe StarLight protects the product from harmful chemical components and mechanical damage. Another feature of the device is the option to adjust the water flow. For some consumers, it is very important to have a hidden adjustment limiter.

The manufacturer added small parts (brackets, gaskets) to the unit for connecting the spout to the lever, which must be installed during the installation process. They are placed in a wrapping film so that they cannot be lost. The instructions detail the detailing of each node.

Hoses with a length of 450 mm and a connection diameter of G 3/8 “extend from the mixer. The cartridge of German quality will last quite a long time. The simple-looking design will ensure a comfortable stay in the kitchen. The design was carried out according to the latest modern trends using the latest technologies.

From the photo you can understand that even small parts adhere to the base with precision.In spite of the fact that the buyer will be able to appreciate the high quality of the product only after successful installation, it is clear that the structure is designed with particular ease and in compliance with the standards.An appearance implies the absence of unnecessary inserts, parts. Austere, graceful execution style makes the device quite popular in the market.

In a separate sealed bag, five additional elements are packed, without which it will not work well to install the water supply system. These are seals, fasteners, connecting elements. For the efficiency of the device, parts are made of different materials.

Depending on how required by quality standards. wrapping film

Kit assembly:

Installation instructions are an obligatory part of the kit, which will help you understand the installation and operation of the structure. For better understanding, it is presented in illustrations. Those who first encounter the installation of the system should carefully familiarize themselves with it.

After reading the manual, you can see that the installation of the system is not particularly difficult. The pictures show step-by-step instructions from assembling the mixer parts, using the connecting elements, to the ready-to-work version of the product. Easy and hassle-free installation of a mixer from a German manufacturer and a long service life in your kitchen.

Enjoy your kitchen faucet and enjoy the quality and efficiency of the product.

Installation is very easy. Everything happens in several stages. First, you need to install the spout rotation lock. Next, the spout itself, and fix it with a bracket.

After that, fix the mixer in the countertop or sink and screw on the hot and cold water supply. Everything. The product is ready for further use.

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