Marketing books. Top 3.

In this article, I will highlight three popular marketing books recently published in English. If you don’t know English, but want to read these books in Russian, you can, for example, use the online book translation service.

In the context of the rapidly evolving IT sector, this book focuses on how gamification affects consumer engagement and can be used to create shared value for customers and companies. Building on the constructs of shared value, customer engagement, and gamification, the book creates a conceptual model and research methodology that enables empirical testing and analysis of complex empirical research. The book demonstrates the use of game elements and the motivation to play games as a means of achieving a psychological effect, that is, consumer involvement, manifested through gamified actions and interaction with the brand.

This collaborative empirical study by a group of experts concludes that the analysis of consumer perceived value in the context of play participation should distinguish not only theoretically defined economic, emotional, functional and social values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with the company / brand, but also between social and functional values. related to engagement. mifi

Advances in technology, the growing expansion and use of the digital environment are driving noticeable shifts in business activity. These transformations not only affect the business, but also affect the attitudes, beliefs and customs of consumers. In this way, Frederik Nimmermann sheds light on consumer behavior in the central areas of digital media such as advertising. Six essays address specific phenomena in these central subareas for a deeper understanding of consumers and their behavior.

Academics and practitioners alike benefit from the results and implications of this research.

The author of the book, Frederik Nimmermann, is a Research Fellow at the Department of Marketing and Retail at the University of Siegen. His research focuses on consumer behavior in the digital environment.

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