The new generation of the SL class received the R231 index. The car has become longer and wider about 50 mm and at the same time lighter by 140 kg due to the fact that many of its details are made of aluminum. Engine SL63 AMG – 5.5-liter V8 with a double turbocharger with a capacity of 530 liters. from. Gearbox – 7-speed Mechanical AMG Speedshift MCT.

Suspension – sports AMG. As an option, a panoramic roof of Magic Sky Control was offered. The motor could be forced using AMG Performance Package up to 556 liters. from. (Torque increased to 900 nm, the maximum speed is up to 300 km / h).

Also, this package included the coating of the carbon fiber motor cover and the AMG spoiler, the rear axle AMG differential lock, coated with red varnish calipers, AMG leather steering wheel.

The model SL65 AMG of the 2012 model year is equipped with a “biturbated” motor V12 with a capacity of 630 hp, torque – 1000 nm. The speedometer of the car is marked until 360 km / h. Transmission – Automatic AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic. Tire size in front 255/35 R19, rear – 285/30 R19.

By the 45th anniversary of the model, a limited SL65 AMG “45th Anniversary” series was released with a circulation of only 50 copies.

From the predecessor of the car almost completely inherited the interior. Nevertheless, the steering wheel and the dashboard in it is new. As for the appearance, the headlights that many motorists did not like due to the similarity with the C-class optics were thoroughly recycled.

The radiator grille has changed.

Specifications Mercedes-Benz SL-Class.


Width 1 877mm Length 4 617mm Height 1 315mm Clearance. places 2.

Engine Price fuel Drive consumption up to hundreds Max. Speed ​​SL 350 (306 hp) & asymp; 4 700 000 rub. AI-95 rear 6.1 / 9.9 5.9 from 250 km / h SL 500 (435 hp) & asymp; 6 300 000 rub. AI-95 rear 7.1 / 12.9 4.6 from 250 km / h.


2012 & ndash; Today.

2008 & ndash; 2011. bouncer

Test drives Mercedes-Benz SL-Class.

The long-awaited novelty appeared on the Russian market – the Mercedes-Benz SL of the new generation. At the first opportunity, we arranged the newest coiler of the rhodster of a comprehensive check for “survival”

In theory, there should be two separate material: one about restyling the usual Rhodster “SL”, another – about its new “High-Perfomance”, or, if using Russian Slang, “charged” version “SL63 AMG”. Reality has made its amendments – the usual “Mercedes-Benz SL” modestly moved to the side, it was worth it, following the zigzags of mountain serpentine, to climb the clouds several times and go down at the wheel of the sports modification. Sorry, the usual “SL”, but your collected from the AMG family is a car from a completely different life, which is also difficult to get to how to dive up to heaven.

Honestly, I was frankly ashamed. California, purest air, friendly people who are slowly defiling on the suburbs of CAN-Francisco on silent benzoelectric “Toyota Prius”. And here, in this blessed paradise, I appear at the tuning air, roaring, whistling bouncer at the start of the aliel tires from hell.

As for the whole day I did not get a pretty police order – I do not know. Although the patrol cars then hung on my tail. Not because of the amoral behavior of the driver, rather due to the causing type of my car. After all, “Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series” with its exorbitantly enhanced crossing arches, pressed against the ground with a giant air intakes and crawling out of the trunk with anti-cracks has little common not that with the usual roadster “SL”, but even with his “charged” Version “SL65 AMG”.

And what are you, actually expected – how – in no way we have the most powerful car brand “Mercedes-Benz”.

15 November 4, 2008.

In this review, the most prestigious and expensive open cars appear. These machines have much more powerful motors, a richer finish and, by itself, higher status.

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