Mitsubishi Delika 2001 – the owner’s review.

Hello everyone! To be honest, the “boulder” wanted a long time ago. But then they are tough, then rotten, then all broken killed.

Toyota Regius Bassik was purchased by Caldina in a 240 body in excellent condition, but walking on it half a year, I realized that I still need a machine of greater capacity and passability.

Be sure to be disconnected front, folded third row and very desirable gasoline. I watched the surf, I didn’t find the alive terminators, well, there were not many options. capet


Back in Primorye, I noticed that the car sometimes twisters with a calm acceleration around 1200-1500 rpm, and the b / wire tip was packed with a tape.

Wires and candles on Delica 6G72 change even the entertainment (at first glance).

Andrey from picked up a set of presence in Khabarovsk:

1) armibility Lynx -6 pcs.

2) DENSO IK20TT Candles- 6 pcs.

3) Copper gasket under the inlet.

Saturday, cottage, heat, Far Eastern midge, and what to do? Need to change.

1) Remove the trapezing of janitors and thrust from the hinges, draw a screwdriver and they calmly come out.

And now Saturday, the sun is capeting solving to refresh the body of his faithful horse. We set off in search of the water source =)

After downloading 5 canisters with water (this is about 100kg) the fender of the village on … y (Ala German Shepherd). The long-awaited vacation was approaching the sea, so you need to do something with this disgrace, especially since I was going to sort out all the hodovka.

On the disassembly, the front springs from the Land Krizier 80 were purchased and most likely they were reinforced (height 50cm coil diameter on a 15mm cut). When installing, it was cut a little more than the turn (spacers 3 cm did not shoot) lowering, the picture did not deliver me.

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