Neon ABYSS: Review.

NEON ABYSS tying is disclosed in a pair of replicas: we hires aid (not at all similar to your master of hades), because he needs such guys like us to defeat new gods and put an end to Titan Corporation. So coincided that this organization is responsible for the death of his main hero, which means it is time to descend into the abyss and revenge.

Setting the game is an alloy of ancient Greek mythology and modernity with all its gickens and online realities – darcnet, cybersport headphones, pop idols and others like them. Well, the deities themselves are not just gods here, but managers.

The gameplay NEON ABYSS is a vigorous shoot ’em up. We explore the randomly generated dungeon, moving from one room to another. We kill all the enemies in the room – moving on. There are here and the treasure rooms, and secret rooms, and even rooms with mini-games.

Not all of them are so easy to get: somewhere you need to apply a grenade, somewhere to spend the crystals, somewhere – coins, and, of course, the keys.

First, the abyss consists of five floors, but then, after killing the boss at the deepest level, their number increases. After you win the chief opponent, you will have to start the race first and for the new one to kill the previous god managers before seeing new. In addition, there is a private boss on each floor – while you can’t break it down, you will not be allowed.

For the murder of bosses, we give gems that need to be spent on the development of the abyss. Neon ABYSS has a whole multi-level tree of improvements in which you can buy new rules (for example, if you destroy lured stones, you will get a reward), add special items and whole rooms to the game and open new characters.

What cool Neon ABYSS?

The whole charm of Neon Abyss is to random and random artifacts that fall out during the passage and make everything in NEON ABYSS different. In some character flies, in some of the mines leave after himself and undermines everything around, in some reason the triple jump is able to do, and in some environment (sampling floors and other traps) does not cause damage. And every time it changes the sensations from the “neon abyss” and adds the gamming of depths.

The actions of the objects cannot be turned off, so they need to select them with the mind – some combinations can only complicate the passage. The snag also in the fact that the lying artifacts are not signed by the property (but, of course, there is an item that allows you to read the description of things before you choose, and even a whole character with such a skill), and in a good appearance Especially valuable (and especially useless) things need to be memorable. Well, or pass the game in an embrace with guides.

As for weapons, his species also grabs. Usually, the character carries with him only one barrel, at least one run and can meet several. And here again will have to choose.

According to a variety and hectare of guns, this game is not inferior to ENTER THE GUNGEON: one weapon crepts the room with a hail of shots, another releases rays and requires more sighting shooting, and the third shots do not look like notes. My favorite cannon is a key gun. With it, they don’t need keys at all, because he himself shoots and can open a locked door or a chest.

It is a pity that for 20 hours spent in Neon ABYSS, this miracle of engineering thought I was only a couple of times.

I can not not mark “Easter” literally in everything that we find in the abyss. Squeezing to pop culture here at every step: Here is a towel, in the description of which it is not proposed not to panic, here’s amplification for weapons – the Stark module and technology Wade with a recognizable logo in the form of the letter W, here is the Sichuan sauce that gives a chance to shoot a fiery bullet. special doors

Well, since the speech went about “easter eggs”, there are eggs here and the eggs are not completely Easter – the pets are rapidly hatched from them. The process, however, may result in failure: in the game there is even an achievement for five empty eggs in a row (however, it is quite rare). Pets are also a lot, and they have their own health glasses and abilities: someone attacks, throws an explosive and protects the player, and someone is engaged in small indentation – for example, he steals hearts or shields from under the nose.

Satellites instead can reward you with something useful, but it happens infrequently. Well, choose who hatching out of the egg, of course, it is impossible: everything also decides the case, so often the best strategy is not to pick up eggs at all.

Of the curious mechanics in Neon Abyss, there is still a faith scale that can be filled with wisdom or violence. Wisdom is given if you clean the room without damage and use purple crystals to open special doors and chests, and violence – if you shoot and get injured. After filling the scale, a special location opens in which you can take an artifact.

Reminds the rooms of Angel and Devil from The Binding Of Isaac – however, this is not the only similarity.

Neon ABYSS: You will give a list

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