Nissan Example 1998 – the owner’s feedback.

I would like to share your experiences about the car, which will soon turn into a dirt and history, about the most cars from the end of the 90s. Reliable, simple, practical and, alas, already finally obsolete to our time. In particular, the conversation will go about the sedan C + (D?) Class – Nissan Primera P11-120.

How can a man in a right mind can choose this car (in 2014!) Of the whole manifold “Avtahlama” in the domestic market? In fact, everything is simple. So, given: 1. Limit of 150,000 rubles. 2. Ambitions, dreams, first car.

3. City of about 400,000 shower of the population + p. 1–> Kutsi selection of cars.

Possible clinets: 1. Domestic auto industry. The miserable humpback viburnum, fresh, but morally outdated, as 40 years old, chisel and, finally, Lada Eggplazhan. (Most likely, Kalina is the most rational choice) 2. Germans. There are many different, and they all resemble the designer, because only the elements of the body remain out of living parts. For this money, of course =) in the end, the choice was from the barrel 1.6 to Audi S8 Quatro with 4.2! 3. Neckurians.

Some incomprehensible accents from 1.3, the spectra were already from 200 tr., Kia Noise, for years so 2001. In general, something completely incomprehensible and not fitting in my consciousness. 4.An a choice! Ambition + some reliability.

This is a 5.6 civic, an example, carism, Lancer (which was not on sale). nets

In general, the feedback itself begins from here =)

Engine + Box: GA16DE, 99 hp Chain drive, which I was sentenced after 1 thousand km after purchase, successfully replaced (25 tr. With work, all parts are original). The resource of the chain, on average, about 250 thousand km., Now, rather, the engine will end than the chain is stretching or the tensioners will die. The characteristic of the engine is like all old 16 valves: no moment up to 2500 thousand rpm, 4,000 peaks, on 5500 already recession. To touch from the spot it is necessary to podging, and not just let go of the clutch.

But, together with long gears, it is safe to overtake the wagons on the 3rd, twisting the GA16DE to the ringing almost to the cutoff. At such moments, the smile itself drew on your faces. Nevertheless, it’s always a pity to rape the engine at each overtaking. (The heart is straightforwards with blood) from the advantages: the total reliability of the engine is the measurements of the compression from 13-14 in each pot, the XX did not swim, it was always started, oil (Nissan 5W-40) went out somewhere 500 ml. at 7.5 thousand km At the XX, the engine heats up, so you can even heat the stove. The box, except for long gear, had another feature of turning on the reverse – did not always break the transfer from the first time. “Constructive feature”, “Nissan engineers wrote and advised to squeeze the grip again.

And so – went and did not buzz. The Kulis is long, the moves are much better / clearer than on the foregoing, but the second stumbled a little hard (for sure, the synchronizers are “tired”). Consumption on the highway was from 6 liters, in the winter in the city to 8.5 (without traffic jams).

Polished only 95 and only the “the most” brands.

Suspension + control: rigid. Feels like Aveo and Lancer 10 and Lancer 10 (with not the stock clapped suspension). The joints are all feeling, and when we fall into the pits, it fears as if you got into hell and returned back.

She ruls! I do not know what Nissan engineers smoked when they worked out the front suspension, but something feell came out. A wonderful multi-dimensional design of the original design, from weaknesses only a quick failure of the ultra-lever silent blocks, which changes entirely with the lever. Add a new rubber adrenaline 001, forged 15 slicks + disc brakes in the circle and get a good ground for small pranks on the road. Here the owners are spanning with SR20DET / SR20VE and 4 piston supports from Skye, but we have only nausea 1,6 =) keeps the trajectory perfectly, even despite small rolls.

In terms of reliability, I personally changed both external shrus, broke the left half-ax (illness) on the track and changed 1 top lever. For 40 thousand different roads, I did nothing more.

Salon + Ergonomics: places more than enough, the trunk on 4+, not octavia, of course, but 4 wheels are placed. Just’s dimensions at first seemed to me endlessly, so I put ParkTronics, and everything became much easier. There are few buttons, they are all clear and simple, all in their place. The on-heating button of the mirror turned out to be a chopstick with a grinding in complex meteo conditions. I also liked the regimes of janitors – there are many of them.

In the rear seat, there was even an armrest, more, IMHO, and not necessary. The stove is warm, more than the first speed never included, on the track always drove without a jacket, I used the kondeem (only in traffic jams, which happened infrequently). The visibility is good, the racks are small, the mirrors are quite

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