Nissan Maxima 2019: Characteristics and photos.

Overview Nissan Maxima 2019: external design, interior, technical component, safety, equipment options, cost. At the end of the article – Video Panorama Nissan Maxima 2019! Overview Nissan Maxima 2019: external design, interior, technical component, safety, equipment options, cost.

At the end of the article – Video Panorama Nissan Maxima 2019!

At the end of November – early December 2018 in Los Angeles, an annual auto station was held in Los Angeles, during which the Japanese brand Nissan demonstrated a restyling version 8 of the generation of the flagship sedan Nissan Maxima.

Recall that the official premiere of the 8-generation Nissan Maxima was held in the already distant 2015th year during the annual New York Automotive Exhibition. When it is created, in front of engineers and designers of the company, there was an extremely difficult task: on the one hand, the novelty should demonstrate the continuity of the previous version, and on the other – to personify the status of the most powerful and presentable car’s passenger car.

And, it is worth saying, with its task, Nissan specialists coped to perfectly, which once again confirm the excellent sales of the car in the North American market. That is why it is not necessary to doubt that Restyling Nissan Maxima will be able to not only repeat, but also surpass the sale of the predecessor.

External design of Nissan Maxima.

Immediately it is worth notify that most of the design decisions that new Nissan Maxim are borrowed from the newly surviving restyling of the flagship crossover – Nissan Murano.

The “muzzle” of the sedan demonstrates formidable head optics with LED “brackets” of LED lights, a relief hood, an impressive falseradiator grille, made in the corporate key V-Motion, as well as the originally beaten front bumper with a certain selection of front splitter and a pair of fog.

The rapid profile of the novelty flashes the duby wheel arches, highly littered back with windshield, stylish afterwards on the side doors and a massive rear counter.

Muscular feed is represented by spectacular overall lights, a small spoiler on the trunk and a monumental bumper with a pair of fog, stylish diffuser and two pairs of “trunks” of the exhaust system.

External dimensions of the car can boast of the following characteristics:

Length, mm 4877 Width, mm 1854 Height, mm 1422 Wheel base, mm 2769.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not disclose information about the height of the road lumen, but it exactly exceeds the mark of 150 mm.

The selection of buyers the Japanese offers 6 body colors: Carnelian Red, Deep Blue Pearl, Super Black, Gun Metallic, Brilliant Silver and Pearl White. In addition, a choice is available between several options for external design wheels.

Internal design of the Maxima sedan.

Restying Nissan Maxima Salon retained the dorestayling version architecture, while the manufacturer focuses on the extended list of available color interior design and the use of better finishing materials. So, in the cabin everywhere there is a soft plastic, genuine leather, as well as decorative inserts made of natural wood, polished aluminum and steel.

On the central torpedo, a slightly deployed in the direction of the driver, there is an 8-inch “TV” of the NissanConnect multimedia complex, framed by two rows of mechanical buttons, as well as an intuitive climate control unit, represented by a small screen, several buttons and a pair of multifunctional twist. anorama

Optionally, the front torpedo can be fully covered with genuine leather, which once again confirms the premium status of the model.

Passengers of the first row Nissanov residents offered stylish and comfortable chairs with good lateral support, high-quality upholstery and various benefits of modern civilization, including electrical management.

There is an impressive central tunnel between the seats, which contains the activation / deactivation button, the gearbox, a multifunctional washer, a pair of cup holders and an electric parking brake button.

The backdabs are available at least a comfortable sofa, without any problems with three adult sediments, and there is also a separate air duct deflector block for the latter, a USB port to recharging mobile devices and a hidden central armrest.

The volume of the trunk in the standard 5-seater layout of the cabin is 405 liters, which can be considered a slight minimum for cars of this class. If necessary, the back of the rear sofa add up in proportions 40:60, which significantly increases the loading capacity of the car. It is also worth noting the presence of a spawn and repair kit, neatly laid in the underground of the luggage compartment.

Specifications Nissan Maxima 2019.

Under the hood of restyling ni

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