Nissan Sentra owner reviews: all the disadvantages, disadvantages, advantages.

Clutch pedal master cylinder. Made from plastic. At 130,000, the plastic mount just broke off. I tied it to the pedal with scotch tape and drove. I bought the original.

About 4000 rubles.

Washer nozzles. If freeze fail. The cost is 300 rubles.

Changed 3 times.

At 80,000, the stove fan motor is out of order. I took it off in the case, replaced it with a new one for 1000 rubles.

Suspension repair for 80,000 fully about the struts. And for 13,000 little things, rubber bands, silent blocks, etc.

17 sizes baby stroller, and all accessories for an emergency car (first aid kit, emergency stop kit, compressor).

Profitability: refueled for 500 rubles, enough for a week’s drive in a rural settlement (on average, other cars require about 1000 rubles). On the highway, the consumption for “pensioner” driving was 4.5-5 liters, and if you drive it, then 5-5.8 liters.

Salon: spacious, not much smaller than that of the Camry, and much more than that of the chord! One of the few cars in which a set of tires (wheels) can easily climb into the trunk.

Options: in my case, heated seats, parking sensors, multifunction, bluetooth, dual-zone climate control. master cylinder

Design: quite a very nice car.

VARIATOR: This is the most problematic place of this car. Driving on this box is difficult and very – very harmful, Jatco is a frank gamna. The cost of a contract variator is several times more expensive than the same variator for the corolla from the aisin company.

The quality of the metal or its processing: in my case, at the age of 5, rust has already begun to crawl out on the trunk lid.

Spare parts: the right front pillar is stuck, while the car behaves perfectly on the road, and still thought to change the pillars. Having rummaged through the catalogs, I realized that there were almost no analogues, from the same kayaba or tokiko, I did not find miles, only the original, at that time about 13-15 thousand rubles apiece (OMG). Of course, there was an option to take the racks from the beetle, redoing the mounts for the hoses, but did not bother with it, went like this.

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