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The question arose of buying a car after a smashed Mitsubishi, money was “not much”, I was looking at VAZs as a sinful thing, but then I got a Chrysler Neon, a green one, with a gun, working air conditioner and in good condition. I looked at the lift, it was necessary to change the front brakes, silent blocks and something on the little things. My grandfather sold. He didn’t even have winter tires, he didn’t drive in winter. Well, I thought, drove and decided – I’ll buy it.

And “off we go”: brakes, discs, pads and cylinder repair kits, began to recover. The suspension stopped “rattling” on pits and bumps after repairs. The fuel filler pipe is rotten through and through – this is their “disease”.

I collected another in half a day from plastic (for sewage) and other rubber pipes from the domestic car industry – now it will definitely not rot.

The previous owner put the “foglights” directly – hooked them up to the headlights, the light switch burned out – 1.5 thousand rubles. The oxygen sensor broke down, a universal Bosch was installed – 2.2 tons. along with work. In the fall it became difficult to see, at night after the rain especially, changed the headlights, Depo for 900 rubles. a piece.

Oil “eat” became liters, changed the caps. By the way, if the engine is single-shaft, then there is no need to touch the timing, the puller was made from some part for the VAZ and the head on “21”. I began to notice that the antifreeze was thrown into the expansion tank, and air appeared in the cooling system, I was tormented by the winter: I would drive 100 km, pump out the antifreeze from the tank and pour it back into the cooling system, then I changed the gasket, checked and cleaned the cylinder head at the same time.

Once I came to the garage, I want to go, but the car won’t start, it turned out that there was a parking / neutral sensor on the box itself, I was looking for 3 days with mats. I speak for less than a year.

Pluses: comfort. Roominess.

Disadvantages: amateur view.

Chrysler Neon, 2002

Bought a Chrysler Neon 2002 model. European. From Germany.

I really like the car, it was unexpected, to be honest. Complete set “luxury” with leather interior. Very spacious.

Behind the passengers there is enough space, without hesitation. The machine gun is a little “dull”, but you get used to it. Soft suspension. I changed the silent blocks.

There are no questions about spare parts. The prices are normal. Replacement and repairs are average. For example, replacement of ball valves with pressing and a fuel filter cost 1,500 thousand rubles. Gasoline consumption in the city – 12 liters.

On the highway 8 liters. Unlike the “Europeans”, the “American” can be immediately recognized – beaten or not. Chrysler Neon’s hood, doors, trunk lid are punctured by VIN N. If it does not match, then it was changed. Chrysler Neon differs from Dodge Neon in that the first is made for the European market. Ie. optics, speedometer in km, bumpers for “our” number and the best equipment.

Good luck with Chrysler.

Advantages: there are many more of them than disadvantages.

Disadvantages: minor.

Chrysler Neon, 2001

On a winter February day, I was walking through a used car park on business (and I walk through it every weekday) and something caught my eye, I looked and realized – it was a Chrysler nameplate on a beautiful typewriter of pleasant color. I have not reacted like this before to more than one car parked in our parking lot. I made 3 laps around the Chrysler Neon, looked at the price tag and realized I couldn’t go without it.

For a week I issued a loan for the missing amount and after receiving money from the bank, the next day I was rolling with my eyes closed with happiness to register with the traffic police. This is how an “American” appeared in my family. The car was bought new in Russia from an authorized dealer, and was serviced there, so there were no technical problems with it. After our 2109, the car is wonderful, (I want to note, since I work in a car company, I drove almost all of our cars, and these are Volvo, Jaguar, Jeep, Chrysler, BMW, Land Rover, Mini, Renault, so how you understand, I have some idea about the foreign car industry) runs “smartly”, gear shifting is noticeable only on the tachometer.

Acceleration dynamics and deceleration are beyond praise.

At the next MOT “on the run” it was recommended to do suspension prophylaxis, no sooner said than done. Gave the go-ahead, because all the parts were in stock, they changed a couple of rubber bands and the rear bushings of the lower arms. After the replacement, I did not recognize the car, it began to enter the turns as if on “rails”, the road holds amazingly. After changing the oil to the recommended semisynthetics, Chrysler Neon began to work quieter and smoother. I liked the native music for its thick bass and more than enough power.

For 27,000 runs, I replaced the front pads, stabilizer bushings, a steering tip, two silent blocks, fluid in the automatic transmission, 3.5 tons of AI-92 gasoline, a ton of anti-freeze, installed parking sensors donated to the DR, and it seems like everything, but no , also bought winter tires, rugs and a scraper / brush. I will not be deceiving if I say that having left for exactly a year on this car, the Chrysler Neon still makes me happy, as on the first day of purchase. oxygen sensor

Advantages: reliability. Secondary market price. Controllability.


Disadvantages: weak stove.

Chrysler Neon, 2000

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