How to choose a mouse for a computer in 2020: a detailed guide.

You need There are not so many parameters to consider when choosing a mouse. the main thing Important parameters. Body shape and weight. Perhaps, the key parameter, from which it is worth starting from the very beginning. No matter how expensive and sophisticated the mouse is, all this will not matter if the device does […]

Welcome to the online store of gifts and souvenirs for men and women!

We invite you to plunge into the fascinating world of original gifts and cute trinkets, entertaining games and exquisite works of art, exclusive interior items and into the world of things, just one glance at which makes you think deeply. A huge variety of assortment, its constant replenishment and more than reasonable prices allow you […]

Rent projectors.

CTC Capital, which has been successfully operating in the video projecting market since 1992, offers rental services for professional equipment. Own extensive park of projection and visual equipment allows us to solve the tasks of technical equipment of any complexity – from small exhibition events to large-scale and spectacular show programs. Offering first-class equipment for […]

Without cable.

This product does not have a license and / or approval of any bodies of the federal, sovereign government and / or government or any species or services of the armed forces of such governments in all countries of the world and / or not in their jurisdiction. All vehicles related trademarks and rights to […]

Homeopathic medicines: what they are and why their effectiveness has not been proven.

Homeopathic medicines: what they are and why their effectiveness has not been proven. In 2010, a flash mob took place in major cities in Great Britain: the audience swallowed several packs of pills or medicine bottles at once. However, in the course of the mass overdose, not a single participant was injured, because all the […]

Adapter PCMCIA Reviews.

PCMCIA Adapters are used to connect external devices to computers equipped with the port of the same name. Slots for installing adapters are equipped, mainly laptops. Devices are made in size slot: 54 mm wide and at least 85.6 mm long. Adapters for connecting are available: • memory cards, including SmartMedia flash cards; • devices […]