Reviewed by Nissan Almera 1.4 (1997)

I have been looking after this car for a long time, and now I got caught in good condition. Almera hatchback 97g.v. At first I wanted a sedan, but looking at the hatch live I realized that I like it better. I bought it for 175 thousand, with a range of 173 (most likely twisted), a car in Russia since 2004, equipment: gur, abs, 2 pillows, all disc brakes.

During the inspection for 3 hours they tortured the owner: they drove into the pit, and rode for a long time, and they sent him to the store for a compressometer, in the end he decided to take it. At the time of purchase, there were the following malfunctions: a grenade crunched, there were small foci of corrosion on the 5th door around the glass (since it was painted, it seems that they were not very well prepared), the clock on the tidy did not work. In general, I arrived the next day and drove home happy.

Well, what can I say. After the Lada, a fairy tale, although I drove many foreign cars. Holds the road rooted to the spot, the steering wheel is a little uninformative at high speeds, on the highway it is dry, still 75 horses in total, but in the city it is the most.

After driving a few km. stopped, went to the store, then tried to start for 10 minutes, tk. an immobilizer was installed and I had to use a key fob to get on the sensor hidden under the panel, but I forgot where it is. After long such dances with tambourines started. The seller gave the grenade a new one in the kit, they decided to change it, but he bought it without an abs sensor because of savings, with abs it costs 2800, without 1500, everything was decided by removing the abs ring and groove for a new grenade for 50r.

A month later I had to drag about 70 km of one eccentric. He, a bastard, was afraid to go fast and for the first 10 minutes he pressed on the brakes, as a result he burned his clutch, it was already at the limit, and this finished him off. Without hesitation, he threw off the box, changed the disc. The disc cost 700r, which made me very happy, although at first I wanted to rivet it onto the pads from the brand, they fit one to one)). Then he enjoyed the car, did not even straighten the oars on the doors.

I turned off the ABS by removing the fuse, well, I can’t ride with it, probably a matter of habit, without it I perfectly control the car. Just in case, I took off the fuel pump, see the state of the mesh – like new, cleaned the nozzles. steamer

After a couple of thousand km. something began to rumble heart-rendingly in the front suspension, so much so. it seemed that a dude was sitting there and hammering with a hammer on everything that was horrible. I drove it into the pit, chatted everything with a mounting tool – no backlash, everything is ideal, then my thoughts reached the silent blocks, took it off (fortunately, this is done in 20 minutes) – and the truth is, they are broken up like a pipe from that steamer. Well, I’m a normal Russian person, since I took it off, then I need to come up with something so as not to rattle, not to order new ones))) In short, by simple manipulations with pieces of rubber and thin strips of tin, the silent blocks were returned to their rightful place, the next 2 tkm did not emit a single sound, then changed to new ones, bought for as much as 600r!))

There were no problems with the engine, the compression was even – 12 each, I did not eat oil, though the crankshaft oil seal was sweating and the bearing on the belt roller was a little skillful, well, and figs with them, it’s not critical. The engine is chain, so the risk of a belt breaking and a meeting of valves and piston is eliminated, but nevertheless, the chain also needs to be changed sometimes. In terms of the bodywork, everything was super, once it was all painted, but very good, maybe even in Europe, because our so inexpensive cars are not painted.

Rot on the box at the rear arch has climbed, but not much, and by age it is already necessary.

In general, the car fully justifies its cost, the interior is comfortable and spacious, sitting behind the knees and the head do not rest anywhere, and my height is 186, and the front seat is pushed back almost to the maximum. Everything is done very ergonomically, the dashboard with excellent readability, in combination with parprise looks modern, not like accents, logans, dozens, etc. Good visibility, excellent rear-view mirrors, a stove – fire, in winter there is a feeling that the stove is heated with wood, the air flows are well distributed, all the windows are instantly sweaty. The suspension is a little harsh, but I think that’s a loss in tribute to good handling.

Noise insulation in the cabin is bad, or rather the engine is not audible, but you can hear the street, as if you are driving outside, if you glue it, then the problem will be solved. In general, the car looks modern and beautiful at the age of 14.

Author’s Advice to Buyers Nissan Almera 1.4 1997

When buying, pay attention to the wornness of the interior, this can be judged about the mileage of the car, on average take 20-30 thousand per year. See the suspension, ride through the holes, there should be no knocks. On the bodies, look at the corrosion on the arches and boxes – a sore spot. The checkpoint should work perfectly well.

The engine is quite hardy and runs for 500 thousand, but still it is worth checking at least the compression.

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