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Congratulations sincerely! Your proposal and engagement ring have been accepted by the happy bride and there is a lot of pleasant experiences ahead of the upcoming wedding, you need to choose and buy wedding rings, organize the celebration itself and fly away on your honeymoon to the coast. wedding rings

No, you heard right, you need to buy the ring again. No, this is a different ring, not an engagement ring. His magic will not work a second time, a stronger magic is needed.

This is how everything works in life, a man after the wedding wears one ring, a woman two: an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Get ready, future husbands. It will always be so, your beloved – all the best and in double size, you – a happy loving wife.

Believe me, it is worth more than all the rings in the world.

In fact, such a rule about two rings is conditionally mandatory, it is quite possible to refuse to donate an engagement ring, but it all depends on personal agreements between the future spouses. But you will have to buy everything early for the engagement, and in two copies: for the bride and groom. This tradition will not be changed by any modern fashion, lovers exchange wedding rings on their wedding day for centuries, this is a testimony before witnesses and all those invited to the wedding to be together, to support each other throughout their lives.


What the ring should be.

Once upon a time, lack of choice was the main criterion for finding wedding rings, the requirements for them were extremely simple: two of the same design, different sizes, ideally gold. Our contemporaries and their chosen ones have to try pretty hard to find in the infinity of proposals that pair of rings that will suit both parties.

However, no one takes away the right to choose wedding rings in the same style, our modernity does not put forward any strict standards regarding the wearing of such jewelry. Moreover, there are plenty of options in jewelry stores, out of billions (no less!) Of wedding rings on the shelves of salons, pawnshops, auction offers, there will certainly be that cherished pair that both spouses will wear with equal pleasure.

How to choose.

Aside from the huge assortment and dizzying offers, the first thing to remember when shopping for engagement rings is that you are now wearing them every day. This means that the decoration should be comfortable first of all.

It is also worth remembering that an engagement ring should not go beyond your own style: some people prefer suits and cufflinks, and in this case it is a good idea to correlate the design of the ring with the existing wardrobe and its prospects for the near future. It is much easier for women in this matter if the car does not fit the purse, the car changes, everything is very simple.

The size.

Be sure to remember that in the evening your fingers may swell a little, and take this into account when choosing a size – you should not purchase a ring that fits back to back, you must take into account literally half a millimeter of the inner circumference for a free fit.

The same rule applies to men – the popular explanation “lost your wedding ring” does not at all mean unwillingness to wear jewelry. Weight changes, high daily activity and the same swelling by the end of the day can be a bad joke on your spouse. Loss of a ring can be difficult to notice.

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