Test Drive Nissan Cabstar – “Eyesy” Spaniard with Japanese roots.

Nissan Cabstar is the only truck of the Japanese concern, officially supplied to Russia. Nissan Cabstar truck is quite interesting and extraordinary for our car roads. And the point here is not only in the design that highlights Cabstar in the overall flow of cars. The car appeared on the European market relatively recently, in 2007.

However, then it was not Nissan Cabstar at all, but Renault Maxity.

Yes Yes. The first Japanese model appeared on the European market, and its twin brother produced by Renault. In general, the manufacturers seemed to set themselves the task to confuse the consumer. In Japan, the same truck is sold under the brands of Nissan Atlas and Mitsubishi Canter Guts.

As prescribed twins, trucks manufactured under different brands are practically no different from each other. With a careful consideration, you can only see the difference in the design of the lattice of the radiator, and, of course, in branded emblems.

People, little familiar with the practice of interethnic consortia, may seem natural to Nissan Cabstar and Renault Maxity should be produced in Japan and in France. However, in fact, the globalization of production led to the fact that both models are produced in Spain, at the Nissan Motor Iberica plant. Thus, in the truck under consideration, only the name of the brand remains from the Japanese, and the car itself is almost completely European.

Brother twin Renault Maxity.

According to official statistical data in Russia, only about a thousand trucks of this brand are registered. However, in the reality of these cars much more. The fact is that many special equipment are built on the Nissan Cabstar chassis – reefreazirators, vans, autotower.

According to the standards adopted in the Soviet years, manufacturers of superstructures and bodies can change the brand of car sassie on their own. Thus, many of the world-famous brands imported into Russia, after re-equipment or installation on their special package chassis, receive labeling with the name of various Russian companies engaged in special add-ons and body.

Nissan Atlas Another Cabster incarnation.

Curb weight truck is 3.5 tons. The most sought-after cars in this class are not equipped with all-metal van.

The minimum cost of the new Nissan Cabstar is 1.2 million rubles, which is almost a third of the value of the “FIAT DUCATO” similar in its lifting capacity, which forces many users to make their choice in favor of the latter.

In addition to in Siberia and in the Far East, it is more profitable to buy not used European Cabstar, but the Japanese Nissan Atlas coming from the internal airproof car market.

A few words about design.

Designer solutions applied in the renault-nissan twin trucks looked at the appearance of exotic even in sophisticated Europe, not to mention Russia. It is especially impressive by front lighting, outstanding with its size and has become a kind of “calling card” of the car. It is difficult to remember at least one truck, whose headlights would be stretched from the front bumper to the windshield.

Such sizes of optics cannot even boast some major tourist buses.

Another Wood – How practical is such large headlights? Of course, they create a unique image of a truck that can be confused only with the twin brothers.

But in everyday use, large light blocks create certain problems, because the chances of smaking the headlamp glass increases several times.

If we talk about the impression remaining from the design of the machine as a whole, you must admit that it is very balanced and is well remembered. The design of the majority from the currently discontinued small-faceted small-faceted trucks, and in general, is very similar to each other. Nissan Cabstar is a rare exclusion in a number of uninteresting clones.

The cubic silhouette of the cabin is perfectly combined with perfectly round niches of the wheels, the bevelled line of side windows, and already mentioned light-edges that give the truck “angry” view.

Cabin interior.

Now we will move inside the cabin to understand how convenient and comfortably to be the driver at its workplace. renault

The cabin resembles aquarium, with excellent visibility, which is very important for a small urban truck. Improve the quality of the review and the windshield washer nozzles built into the windshield wiper. Equipped with four niches, allowing reliably to store various little things. The first niche is located above the driver’s seat under the cockpit ceiling, the second – above the instrument shield, the third niche is located above the central control panel of the ventilation system, and, finally, the fourth niche is arranged in the back of the middle seating.

The location of the niche is thoroughly thought out, even with a sharp braking of the truck, items stored in niches are not falling out.

With additional useful niches here

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