The best Blu-ray players: tips for choosing, models, prices.

No matter how hard the creators of the Blu-ray format have tried to protect their creation from possible copying and distribution over the Internet, file hosting services around the world are full of compressed and uncompressed copies of high-definition discs. But no matter how many PC users and media players predict the imminent oblivion of BD players as a class of technology, the demand for them is only growing. What’s the secret?

First, it’s just a more familiar way of watching movies. DVD players and DVDs were used by everyone. Everyone has a good idea of ​​how to run a purchased disc on the player. Secondly, it is not convenient for everyone to download a movie in HD for several hours, or even several days, but at the same time it is not at all burdensome to buy a BD disc. Third, the video quality and menu support that you get on a BD player is only achievable on very good, expensive media players and PCs.

And, fourthly, no digital file has such collectible value as a medium in a beautifully designed package.

BD player Toshiba BDX2000.

The Blu-ray format itself gives us the opportunity to watch high-definition video with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and a frame rate like on a 24p film strip, listen to eight-channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio in studio quality, and also download subtitles, audio tracks and bonus content from the Internet using the BD Live function.

Blu-ray and everything, everything, everything.

In addition to playing Blu-ray discs, BD players can read DVD discs with up to 1080p output resolution. In addition, almost from the first generations, manufacturers have added the ability to work with video of the AVC-HD standard used in consumer camcorders. But the owners of even more ancient VCDs and SVCDs (if they suddenly appear among our readers) will have to put their collection aside, since discs of this type will not be played.

Blu-ray players: the best news.

Model Price, rub Formats Interfaces Dimensions, mm Weight, kg VVK BD3000 5500 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD MPEG4-HD, WMV-HD, H.264, MKV HDMI 1.3, USB, 7.1 audio output 430x55x260 2.9 Toshiba BDX2000 6300 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD, DivX-HD HDMI 1.3, SD 435x56x218 2.3 Sony BDP-S360 7000 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD HDMI 1.3, USB (only for BD Live) 430x56x207 2.1 Panasonic DMP-BD85 10000 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD, DivX-HD HDMI 1.3, 2x USB, SD, 7.1 audio output 430x49x249 2.6 LG BX580 12000 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD MPEG4-HD, WMV- HD, H.264, MKV HDMI 1.4, USB, DLNA n / a n / a Samsung BD-C6900 12000 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD MPEG4-HD, WMV-HD, H.264, MKV HDMI 1.4, USB, DLNA 430x43x205 1,8 Philips BDP9500 15000 BD, DVD, CD, AVC-HD MPEG4-HD, WMV-HD, H.264, MKV HDMI 1.3, USB, 7.1 audio output 437x91x268 4.2 Yamaha BD-S1900 20500 BD, DVD, CD , AVC-HD HDMI 1.3, USB (BD Live only), 7.1 audio output 435x95x317 4.6.

In the first generations of BD players there were also problems with audio, at best only CD-DA was readable, and any other audio, even MP3, was very often ignored. Today these two formats are a standard set, and in addition, WMA, Ogg and even WAV files can be supported. 1×2

BD player Panasonic DMP-BD45EE.

Some developers have gone so far with the expansion of multi-format that they are already striving to compete with manufacturers of media players, adding to their devices the ability to read video files DivX, MPEG4, H264 / MKV, WMV9, VC1, including in HD resolution. Unfortunately, this is often accompanied by incomplete compatibility of codecs and containers, and almost always the lack of support for suitable media.

Affordable and inexpensive DVD discs simply do not have the capacity to record HD content. External drives connected via USB are most often supported only in FAT32 format, which limits the file size to four gigabytes, again completely insufficient for recording Long Full HD video. This does not allow realizing multi-format in full, although such players can successfully watch small HD video files, for example, trailers of new films and BD rips in 720p resolution.

In short, the player does not replace the Blu-ray media player, and vice versa.

Multi-format Blu-ray players are made by many manufacturers, for example LG, BBK, Samsung, Philips, JVC and even Panasonic, which adds DivX-HD support to all its new models. Sony traditionally refrains from excessive democratization of its devices, Pioneer’s BD players have support for MPEG4, but just like Panasonic, everyone’s favorite H246 and VC1 codecs are not supported in the MKV container. From the entire list, only LG has support for NTFS format media, which favorably distinguishes it from its competitors.

BBK and Samsung have also mentioned the possibility of supporting large files in the future, but have not yet implemented this feature.

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