The best MP3 players for everyday use.

It is possible to record through a linear cable. Supports 5 audio formats.

Complete headphones do not fully transmit sound quality.

Universal player, which can be used as a sports, and to record / listen to lectures and other training materials, and just for entertainment. The full memory of 8 GB and a very bright and clear display increase the comfort of using this model.


Play up to 16 hours in economical mode, up to 12 hours in the usual.

1 & # 34; White monochrome OLED, 3 recording methods, fast charge in 6 minutes, sports clip.

Two-year-old limited warranty.

Emergency recharging is made in just 3 minutes.

There is no sports clip.

This player, like most models from Sony, is a high-quality sound and a long holding of charge. The deep sound of bass here provides the Bass Boost feature. Working without interruption, the player can up to 20 hours.

Supports two main audio format, quite loud and easy to use.

Play up to 20 hours.

LCD monochrome display, fast 3-minute charging.

It is possible to use microSD to 64 GB.

Synchronized with PC only through the native cable.

Simple player with a decent battery. There is an equalizer for better sound setup. A small, but very informative display displays all the necessary information: the battery charge level, the name and duration of the tracks, file types, etc.

LCD monochrome display 0.8 & # 34;, there is a slot under MicroSD to 64 GB, sports clip. chrom

Return within 10 days.

Relatively large LCD screen, two headphone jacks.

A simple and comfortable player with rubberized housing and loop for lace. The form factor in the form of a flash drive protects the USB port from clogging. It is possible to start playing files from the place on which they stopped, even after rebooting.

up to 6 hours at maximum settings.

LCD monochrome display 1.1 & # 34;, two headphone jacks.

Return within 10 days.

It can also work as a sound USB card.

Small and bright, with a tough sportswear, this player is simply created for training and running. Nothing superfluous, only the necessary functions. A red flashing indicator reports a player, and the easy change of memory cards allows you to listen to an unlimited volume of music.

There is a slot under MicroSD up to 32 GB, sports clip.

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Transcend mp330.

Transcend mp330.

Musimum music.

Music in headphones facilitates any, even the longest, way, and makes ordinary weekdays a little more joyful. The main thing is that music in the player is enough for a long time, and the player itself did not turn off at an inappropriate moment. A good choice for those who need a maximum of music is a transcend MP330 player with 8 GB memory – such a volume is enough about 2 thousand songs or 512 voice recordings. You can listen to music up to 16 hours or making records for 20 hours.

Moreover, the player supports almost all available formats: MP3, WMA, WMA (DRM), WAV, ADPCM, so you will not be limited to MP3 and WMA, as using most players.

The player is equipped with a monochrome monocherous OLED display, the main difference of which from most of the likes is its striking brightness. All data on it is displayed in white, so it is clearly visible at any lighting. Control is carried out by a large central button and four additional, responsible for playing files. In addition, there are end buttons for recording and other functions.

All buttons are easy to press, soft and not wade.

And for entertainment, and for study, and for sports.

As mentioned above, the player supports many formats, and not only musical, so that it can be used not only for recreation, but also for education. Here is a function of recording through a linear cable, so that you can record directly into the player, for example, video tutorials you are looking at the Internet

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