“Veusing” Nissan Navara.

Nissan Navara (2004-2015) equipment and prices. Overview “Navara D40” with technical characteristics and photographs.

A bright representative of small pickups from Nissan is the model “Navara”, which from generation to generation is getting rid of utility and seeks to become one of the best solutions (in terms of universality of application) in its class.

And its update in 2010 is another step on this path. 6 by

The design of the Pickup “Navara” in front of exactly reproduces the features “Pathfinder R51”. The powerful bumper with integrated round-shaped fumstones smoothly flows into wheel arches expansion, giving the car by masculinity. Cinema headlights combining the grace and chopped forms enter the wings, which visually expands the pickup.

Elegant mirrors with integrated turn signs are not dissonant with a common brutal profile.

The back of the “Navara” looks typically for the Pickup body – but there is nothing to improve.

The interior for the “truck-SUV” is almost unchanged “swinging” from from “Patfordder”.

And by 2010 underwent the same changes as in the source model: it was noticeably improved in terms of ergonomics and in terms of the quality of the materials used.

The front armors have electrical adjustment and heating. On the second row of comfort (in comparison with the first), of course, “an order of magnitude” is less – a small space for the legs, the vertical back of the seats.

The dashboard has a traditional “jeep” architecture – slightly coarse, but with verified ergonomics and functionality. In the center of Torpedo there is a touch information display.

But the most interesting Pickup “Navara D40” hides under the hood. For the Russian market, the Picap is offered with two diesel engines:

2.5-liter 4-cylinder 190-strong 450 N · m (to modernization, this engine “issued” 174 liters. P.) And 3-liter turbocharged V6 by 231 hp 550 N · m.

Turbodiesel is aggregated with a seven-speed automaton, and a weaker motor – six-speed mechanics or a five-speed automatic machine.

Since the main purpose of Nissan Navara is the transportation of goods on the roads of all types, its rear suspension, unlike the Pathfinder, is a continuous bridge suspended on sheet semi-elliptic springs. The basis of the body is the F-Alpha frame, built of high strength steel (according to the corporate unique Nissan technology), combining rigidity and strength at a small mass of the car. The front suspension has double priced levers and spiral springs.

With such potential and the presence of all-wheel drive transmission All MODE 4 & # 215; 4 – the car perfectly feels outside of roads. However, it is impossible to forget about the long base and that “the steeper jeep, the further go behind the tractor.”

As the test drive shows, Nissan Navara decently behaves on the roads with a solid coating. A sharp steering wheel, the energy-intensive suspension allows you to move on a pickup from Nissan, as on the usual crossover. At a speed of 140-150 km / h, the car behaves predictably and adequately, well keeps directly and obediently included in turns.

The cargo platform of the machine is equipped with a C-Channel body attachment system and has a practically square shape, its sizes by the floor are 1511 × 1516 mm of length and widths at 457 mm height. Pickup is able to take 800 kg of cargo and five passengers, as well as towing a trailer with a full weight of up to 3 tons.

In addition, Nissan engineers managed to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Pickup Navara D40, weighing more than 2 tons, with row four, is content with less than 11 liters of diesel fuel, and a turbodiesel version requires 12.5 liters per 100 km in urban mode. Such an acceptable fuel consumption is possible due to the fact that Navara, in essence, the rear-wheel drive car.

The front-wheel drive is connected by an easy turn of the driver selection washer: 2N (rear-wheel drive), 4H (four-wheel drive), 4LO (four-wheel drive with the possibility of inclusion of reduced transmission). The blocking of the wheel differential is turned on by a separate key.

For Russian fans, Nissan Navara pickups are offered in six configurations. Price for Nissan on

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