Without cable.

You can herself! See the video and make a simple and stylish hairstyle that will complement your image – and not at all necessary to spend time and money on a hike in the salon. Meet the new styling of Hairx Stylesmart, which will take care of your hair, make the styling process with light and enjoyable, and the result is resistant.

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How to pacify naughty hair.

Hair does not obey, twisted and amused? It’s all the case in the lack of protein and fatty acids, which is characteristic of the risen or damaged hair. When the hair is losing moisture, the cuticle, or the outer layer of the hair, becomes loose, as a result, the hairstyle looks like electrical. Wet weather usually worsens the position of things.

We tell how to pacify the naughty hair and take the situation under control.

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Hair oil and 4 more night care secrets.

You already probably got used to using a separate night cream for a face and you know that at night the active ingredients are better penetrated into the skin. The same applies to the hair. How to wake up with perfect well-groomed hair and reduce time on laying?

We understand together!

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Natural ingredients for hair.

Find out what kind of natural ingredients will help your hair to become healthy and beautiful from nature!

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How to give hair a stunning volume.

The simplest and most spectacular hairstyle (after Kudrey, of course) – volumetric. We tell how to give hair volume and get a million compliments.

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Fall in love again: how to return the natural hair color.

Infinite staining, brittleness and sequencing tips – if the change of images pleases less, it’s time to return to the natural hair color. We tell how to decide on change and not lose your head.

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Without end: get rid of split tips.

Tired of infinite hair liness and split tips? Stop, Iron Call Chairmacher! We have five ways to correct the situation at home.

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Homemade hair salon. mart

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Zamed winter: 5 hair care tips in the cold time.

As soon as the thermometer column drops down, hair care turns into torment. We will tell you how to take the situation under control.

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